Jackson DK2M vs. Ibanez RG1570 vs. Ibanez RG2550E (Part II)

Ibanez RG1570 Mirage Blue:
Ibanez RG1570 Mirage BlueMirage Blue is truly an eye-catching finish and just like other Prestige guitars it is well built but slightly over-priced in the UK :) The Prestige 5-piece Wizard maple/walnut neck was a welcome change from Jackson and Fender necks. The RG1570 is clearly built for shredding but too bad the biggest letdown with this guitar was the terrible fret buzz of the wound strings in the lower frets (including open string buzz). The action was set quite low by the store, which accounted for some of the buzz, so I added some neck relief to reduce the fretted buzz and shimmed the nut to resolve open string buzz.

The Edge Pro trem angle was also completely off, which is understandable because guitars go through a series of temperature changes during shipping. What was disappointing is that the fret buzz still existed despite adjusting the truss rod and trem angle. I’d have to set the action really high to eliminate the buzz completely, something I’m not ready to compromise on. After exchanging emails with a well-known Ibanez luthier I figured the only way to get rid of the buzz would be to get a complete fret leveling and re-dress, which was going to cost me an additional £60-80, maybe more. I wouldn’t mind trying it myself if I had the tools but I wasn’t going to take chances with a brand new/expensive guitar :P

After paying what I did for the guitar it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend more money to make it playable, so I had the store send me another RG1570 in Suede Black, but the suede finish was a real turn-off and the guitar found it’s way back to the store.

Other than the fret buzz, I wasn’t too happy about the extremely dry rosewood fingerboard… Ibanez/stores could do something about ensuring customers fall in love with the instrument as soon as they open that case. Funny thing is most guitars in-store have the same problem. They’re not setup well, in tune and don’t look/feel their price. Final gripe: the V7 neck and V8 bridge pickups sounded really cheap when plugged into the clean channel of my Fender. WTF Ibanez?!

Continued:  Part III  –  (Read Part I)

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