Ibanez RG2550E – an end to guitar woes

I spent the last couple of months looking for my next guitar, primarily for rock but capable of handling some blues and metal too. After going through a string of Jacksons and Ibanez guitars, an RG2550E-GK arrived 2 days ago. It wasn’t perfect (hey, no guitar is!), and the factory setup was a bit sloppy, but I started to like her within a few minutes of playing.

It has a lot in common with my last guitar (RG1570, also a Prestige model), but for some reason the RG2550E feels and plays a little better. They have the same basswood body, Prestige 5-piece wizard neck, rosewood fingerboard, Edge pro trem and cosmo hardware. These are the only 2 Prestige models that still use the Edge pro trem. The cosmetic differences between the 2 models are the pearl dot inlays on the RG1570 vs. the ghost sharkfins on the RG2550, and the presence of a pickguard (therefore guard-mounted pickups) on the RG2550. Talking about pickups, the DiMarzio/ibz humbuckers sound warmer and more pleasant than the V7/V8 on the RG1570, which sounded kinda muddy on the clean channel of my Fender.  Nothing great compared to the Seymour Duncan SH2N and JB on my Jackson DK2M, but it’s something you can fix ;)

I’ve only had the RG2550E for a couple days now but I’m already in love with it, despite some minor issues which I will write about later. One thing I do miss about the RG1570 is the beautiful mirage blue finish, but the playability of this RG2550 will surely help me get over that soon.  The mirage blue finish:

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