Ibanez RG2550E fully customized and set up

Last weekend all major changes to the RG2550 were complete but it took some tweaking during the week to perfect the setup for my style of playing. Overall, I’d say it’s as good, if not better than many £1500 guitars out there.

The modifications:
1. Pickups: Installed a Breed bridge but it wasn’t as hot as I expected it to be, so I switched back to the Tone Zone. My ears are quite happy with the Evo neck + Tone Zone combo so I doubt I’ll be making further changes.

2. Custom H-H Pickguard: Shielding a pickguard isn’t fun but I’m glad it’s a one-time affair. The smoked gray mirror looks really good against the galaxy black finish, better than the stock bronze pickguard.

3. OTAX VLX91 super-switch: Wiring the OTAX wasn’t as easy as I’d expected and took over an hour – one reason I don’t want to change my pickups again lol. The new coil-tapped switching positions are really sweet though especially for clean guitar.

4. The Edge Pro locking stud mod is awesome and a must-have, providing 100% tuning stability no matter how much I use the whammy bar. Makes you wonder why the hell Ibanez stopped using locking studs in their Edge trem systems.

Before upgrades:

Nut shim – pickguard w/shielding, locking studs, OTAX switch – studs installed:

Customization and setup complete:

5 comments on “Ibanez RG2550E fully customized and set up

  1. dude where u get those pickguards, i have the same guitar and i want to do the same thing, get back to me man

  2. guitar looks awesome, but i don’t think i could of done all the nut shim stuff without messing it up…
    do you have to do this on all new ibbys? :)

  3. The nut shim is required only if there’s open fret buzz… more recently, I’ve come across Prestige guitars with high nuts. In comparison, buying a nut shim or diy is simpler than having to grind a nut down. Also better to grind the nut and not the wood because damaging a nut will cost like 10 bucks but messing up the neck, well :)

  4. Did you have to send your pickguard to jeanie? Or just give them your model number? All i can find them online selling is the “RG2550z” model I have same “e” model as you, and i am not sure why i cant find the edge trem version.

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