Customizing my Ibanez Prestige RG2550

A list of mods planned for my Ibanez RG2550E, parts have arrived but I need a day to complete the work so looking forward to the weekend.

1. Pickups: Been testing a bunch of DiMarzio pickups since the guitar arrived and I’m convinced about the Evolution neck and disconnecting the single coil, but undecided on the Evo 2 and Tone Zone for the bridge position.  I’m hearing good things about DiMarzio Breeds so may have to give that a shot too when I get a chance.

2. New pickguard from Jeannie Pickguards, USA – primarily to lose the single coil in the middle, but it also happens to suit the galaxy black finish better than the stock pickguard.

3. OTAX VLX91 super-switch for new pickup switching config:
         – Position 1: Bridge Humbucker
         – Position 2: Bridge + Neck inner coils
         – Position 3: Bridge + Neck Humbuckers in parallel
         – Position 4: Neck Humbucker, parallel
         – Position 5: Neck Humbucker

4. Nut shim – made a 1mm shim from a beer can lol to eliminate minor open string buzz.

5. Locking studs for Edge Pro trem, thanks Rich.

6. Treat the dry-looking rosewood fingerboard with some lemon oil.

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