New Pedal Day: Eventide TimeFactor Delay

After owning a bunch of delay pedals – Boss DD-5, DD-20 Giga Delay, DigiDelay, MXR Carbon Copy and Vox Time Machine – and trying many others, I may have found the perfect delay solution for my needs.  From the list above my favorite was the Time Machine because it was so easy to use and the vintage mode sounded warm, but the lack of trails was a real bummer.  I liked the DD-20 for it’s functionality – easy of use, presets, tap tempo out – but I found only 2 modes usable, dual-delay did not sound good and the warped/twist modes were pretty useless.  The modes that I liked in the DD-20 were achievable with my DD-5 at the time so I sold the DD-20 when pedalboard space became an issue.  The other delay pedals I kept for short periods of time because they either had issues or did not work well for me.

Enough of the past: Enter the Eventide TimeFactor.  I’ve only had it a few days so this is not a review, just a list of reasons why I like and bought this unit: eventide,timefactor

– Two independent 3-second delays in one stompbox
– Studio quality effects (Digital, Vintage, Tape, Modulated, Band & MultiTap delays sound authentic)
– Flexibility: Mono/stereo operation, instrument or line-level inputs/outputs, expression pedal out, aux out for single or 3-button footswitches and full MIDI support
– True or buffered bypass selectable based on your setup
– 100 presets (2 per bank) onboard: I don’t need more than 10 but it’s nice to have
– Global Tap Tempo (optional) so it’s easy to call up presets and retain the same tempo, or dial in a new tempo
– Delay trails when changing presets or going into bypass
– I don’t use much modulation, reverb or filters in my music but if I need some, the TimeFactor can pull it off
– Regular software updates from Eventide with bug fixes and improvements
– Eventide support forum/staff are very helpful

This pretty much sums up why I chose the TimeFactor over the Empress Superdelay which costs the same, £299.  A more detailed review with samples coming up in a few weeks or months :)

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