Pre-1990 Ibanez SDGR SR300/SR400 Bass

Scored this Ibanez SDGR bass a couple months ago.  The serial number dates it before 1990 but it’s  not been easy identifying the model.  Pickups, controls and output jack all suggest it’s a pre-1990 SR300 or SR400 but the flamed maple top and gold hardware toss this theory out the window.  I’ve seen a SR400 with a quilted maple top but it didn’t have gold hardware.  Either way, this is a great bass that plays and sounds better than all mid-range Ibanez basses I’ve tried.

Specs: Basswood body, 3ply maple neck, active pickups, adjustable bridge.  The neck is really slim, nice countoured light weight body with a sweet flamed maple top, matching headstock and AANJ (all access neck joint).


Ibanez SDGR SR400 bass guitarIbanez SDGR SR400 bass guitar
Ibanez SDGR SR400 bass guitarIbanez SDGR SR400 bass guitar

Ye Olde Pedalboard

Redid and tidied up the old pedal board after swapping pedals in and out the last few years.  Covers anything from blues to heavy rock and everything in between.

Signal chain: Boss TU-3 tuner » Ernie Ball VP Jr volume » Radial PB1 power booster » Boss NS-2 noise suppressor (NS-2 FX loop: Maxon CP101 optical compressor » Maxon VOP9 vintage overdrive pro » Suhr Riot distortion) » BBE Sonic Stomp » TC Electronic Corona chorus » Eventide TimeFactor twin delay w/Digitech FS3X footswitch.

Other good stuff: Diago Showman pedalboard, Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus, Lava patch cables, CAT boots.