Upgrade time… DiMarzio Evolution and Evo 2

DiMarzio Evolution & Evo 2 I bought these DiMarzios a while ago waiting to install them in the right guitar, and when I started to like the RG2550E I had to pop the Evo/Evo2 in right away.

The Evolution neck has been nothing short of impressive with it’s aggressive yet smooth/balanced tone, and maintains great presence even at high volumes. It also produces cool harmonics, which is unusual for a neck pickup. I doubt I’ll ever change this pickup but I’d love to try an Air Norton someday.

The Evo2 bridge does have serious scream and it’s great for instrumental rock, but sounds a bit too thin compared to the high output Evo neck. I have a Tone Zone coming in next week, so I’ll see how well that pairs with the Evolution.

I was surprised that the stock IBZ mid pickup produced nice strat-like tone, but it will be replaced with a Blue Velvet as soon as that arrives from the US. Not sure whether I’ll retain the H-S-H configuration though, since I like to keep it simple with dual humbuckers coil-tapped with a 3-way switch.

Under the hood:
Stock pickups before surgery Wiring after pickguard removal Evo & Evo2 installed

Ibanez RG2550E – an end to guitar woes

I spent the last couple of months looking for my next guitar, primarily for rock but capable of handling some blues and metal too. After going through a string of Jacksons and Ibanez guitars, an RG2550E-GK arrived 2 days ago. It wasn’t perfect (hey, no guitar is!), and the factory setup was a bit sloppy, but I started to like her within a few minutes of playing.

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