Every rock and metal guitarist should own these titles:
John Petrucci – Rock Discipline
Paul Gilbert – Intense Rock I & II
Joe Satriani – Guitar Secrets
Troy Stetina – Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar & Metal Rhythm Guitar
Kevin Dillard – Intelli-Shred

Guitar World Lessons – lessons and tips from the best
Joe Satriani Guitar Lessons
Ultimate-Guitar Lessons
Troy Stetina on Modes – a very good article on modes
Troy Stetina Practice Tips Workbench
Zentao’s Music Theory
Dansm’s Guitar Chord Theory

Jemsite – for Ibanez fans, awesome guitar forum! – when six strings are not enough
TheFretboard – small community of guitarists in the UK
Harmony Central – decent place for buying/selling gear
Ultimate Guitar Community
The Gear Page

Custom Builders
Cottam Guitars, UK – Ibanez spares, repairs, customization
Jaden Rose Guitars – British hand-crafted guitars
Nocturne Guitars, UK – used by Kevin Dillard, author of Intelli-Shred
Ibanez Rules, USA – not really custom, but Rich’s Ibanez guitars are the best you can buy worldwide, period!

Online Stores
Guitar Parts Worldwide – all guitar parts & hardware including bodies, necks, bridges, electronics.
Cottam Guitars, UK – Ibanez parts, DiMarzio and Bare Knuckle pickups
Jaden Rose Guitars, UK – Ibanez parts and DiMarzio pickups/accessories
Ibanez Rules, USA – every Ibanez part you could possibly need
Eurotubes, USA – best hand-picked valve re-tube kits I’m aware of
Hot Rox, UK – quality music products for the EU market, nice collection of valves and speakers

Technical Stuff
Ibanez Rules Tech section – absolute best resource to maximize playability of Ibanez guitars
Eurotubes – great guide on why/how to bias valve amps

Free Audio Plugins
Free Mac Plugins – I’ve contributed to rounding up this collection of quality plugins on Facebook (submit a request to join and I’ll approve)