Holland Amps

After acquiring a Holland amp I did some research to figure out which model it was and what were it’s specs.  Information about Holland amps on the web is really scarce, considering the company ceased to exist between 2002 and 2004, so it felt like a good idea to share information that I collected after days of searching and reading.  What I could not find yet is a schematic of the Holland Little Jimi or any other Holland amp.  The Little Jimi is by far the best amp I have ever played, and I’ve been fortunate to have played quite a few classics.

Introduction from old Holland Amps website
…..helping the player create the perfect tone

In a world where quality and craftsmanship are often sacrificed for quantity and speed of production, Holland Amplifier still honors the age-old tradition of attention to detail and high quality products for individual customers. Each amplifier is 100% hand built with point-to point wiring. Each cabinet is crafted by hand from select woods and dressed in a very durable high quality tolex. Prior to shipment each amp is inspected, tested, set-up and “burned in”. With an expanding line of amplifiers, Holland Amplifiers provides immeasurable options to the professional musician and hobbyist.

All Holland Amplifiers are completely handmade, whether it be a standard model or a custom amp. Holland is equally at home with Heritage Guitars, Fender Guitars, PRS, Hamer, Ibanez, Rickenbacher, and others. The amps are also compatible with all styles of music, including rock, country, jazz, and blues.

Holland Amplifiers are owned and played by Jackie King, Bob Balsley, David Becker, Val Evans, David Crosby, Gary Gill, Gibb Droll, Vince Gill, Tim Gonzalez, Jimmy Herring, Andy Linderman, Walter Garland, Sugar Ray Norcia, Jimmy Page, Gary Primich, Dan Akroyd, Jimmie Vaughan, and others.

Holland creates a sound that is “simply magic”.

(Web archive of official Holland website with all amplifier models: http://web.archive.org/web/20020203083004/www.hollandamps.com/amps.htm)

History of Holland Amps
Amplifiers previously produced in Virginia Beach, VA from 1992 to 2000 and Brentwood, TN from 2000 to 2004. Previously distributed by L&M Amplifiers.
(From the “Blue Book of Amplifiers” by Zachary R. Fjestad)

Holland amplifiers was founded by Mike Holland on April 1, 1992 in Virginia Beach, VA while he was serving in the United States Navy. Mike worked on F14 fighter jets as a structural mechanic. On his kitchen table, using only all American components with specifications that were far above any other amp, Mike created the first Holland Tube Amplifier.

In 1998, Mike contacted Lane Zastrow, President of Lasar Music and former VP of Sales and Marketing for the Gibson Guitar Corporation, to handle sales and marketing for Holland amplifiers. Lane and Mike then decided to become partners and formed L&M Amplifiers in July of 2000. L&M is the corporation that owns Holland Amplifiers. In September of 2000, Holland moved its operations from Virginia Beach to Brentwood, Tennessee. Holland produced over ten models and they were distributed throughout the world. Holland Amplifiers are completely handmade with point-to-point wiring, whether it be a standard model or a custom amp. Holland Amps are compatible with all styles of music inlcuding rock, country, jazz and blues. In 2004, Holland stopped producing amplifiers and closed the factory. Shortly thereafter, Zastrow leased the former Holland manufacturing space and started building Heritage Amplifiers. Heritage now produces a full line of amplifiers that feature some carryover from the Holland line including the Kenny Burrell momdel, and they have the same address and phone number as Holland’s.

The Gibb was considered the flagship of the Holland line. This amp was created for East coast artist Gibb Droll. It features a 50W all tube chassis that was available in a head unit, or combo with 10 or 12 inch speakers. Holland described the amp as toned of blues sounds from the 1950s – 1960s, and “reminiscent of ZZ Top.” The Jazz Amp is another 50W with different power tubes, also available as a head-unit or combo. The Jazz is known for having lots of headroom and great clean power.

The Little Jimi (last MSR $1650) is a 35W or 50W amp with 2 x 5881 or 6L6 power tubes. This amp is more of a blues amp, which sounds like Hendrix, Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. The Mini Jimi (last MSR $1365) is the same as the Little Jimi with more bite in a 1-12 inch speaker combo. The Brentwood (last MSR $2400) and Titan (last MSR $2300) amps are both 50W and 100W models in 2-12 inch speaker configurations. The Kenny Burrell is a 50W combo available in a 1-12 inch speaker combo (last MSR $2400) and a 2-10 inch speaker combo (last MSR $2300). Holland also produced the Westside Andy Harmonica amp, which is designed for harmonicas.